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My System Specs


Originally Posted by t0m View Post
do you have a ups? i have seen problems with the house electrical end up causing mysterious computer behaviour quite a few times. i actually lost a few psu's to a place i was renting one summer. they would start quitting like what you describe (it was too random to actually pinpoint a reason. they would go under heavy load, or idle when i wasnt even home, with hours, days or a couple weeks in between any sign of a problem), and eventually not be able to turn back on (one actually blew up when it died instead of just shutting off). i got a ups and it never happened again. to this day i wont plug in a pc without one, and i try to force people to budget for them on the rare occasion that i build a pc for someone else.
I have plans to buy a UPS in the future, my cash is tight after spending on this new Computer. It is odd cause it seems to never happen with the system is fully loaded, IE BOINC.

Anyway, Ive done some testing, and I am 99% Sure that the power supply is the culprit. Will be going with a AX750 for the new one.
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