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Originally Posted by draemn View Post
Interesting indeed... it looks like AMD has squeaked a tiny bit more juice out of their drivers than nVidia since the release of the 680, which also helps...

The largest problem with this card is it mostly shines in surround (although the extreme 2560x settings were also impressive) and I would assume the better memory helps that, which is not mandatory for the marketing of the card. I would hate to write the conclusion for these battles as there really is no conclusion. I think price and brand preference will end up being a big factor then noise/power draw.

I'm very skeptical of this card just because there is no requirement to have the high grade memory to get the moniker. If the card retails for less $$ than the stock 680, then I think AMD scores a point on this small skirmish (provided we only look at performance/price and ignore power/heat).
Spot on.
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