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Default Advice on New IB SLi Build

New to the forums here :D

I've been slowly buying the parts for my latest build over the last 2 months or so when the Ivybridges got released, but I'm still missing a few items for a complete system. I'm a bit undecided on a few parts, or just getting tired of waiting haha.

Bought so far:

3770k (Got lucky with this chip, managed to push 4.6GHz on 1.1v (55C Prime95), 4.8 on 1.165v (~63 prime95) and 5 on 1.3v(~77 prime95) using a Maximus 5 Gene I had for a week or so)
32 GB DDR3-2400 G.Skill TridentX
2x GTX680 Asus DC2T (3 slot cooler, which is why I had to get rid of the Gene)
Seasonic Platinum 1000W
Corsair H100 (Had it from my previous i7 920 build, I will most likely be replacing it with a real loop some time in the future)
CM Storm Trooper case
Logitech G19, Razer Naga Epic (leftovers from my current build of course)

What I still Need:

Motherboard: I'm leaning heavily towards another Asus RoG board because of how good the MVGene was in the short time I had it. The only problem with the Gene was the mATX layout and the 2 PCIE slots being too close together for SLIing the cards I have. It also looked kinda silly in my case since it only took up a small portion of such a big case haha. I've been waiting for either the Maximus 5 Formula or Extreme to come out and get one of those depending on the price. But I've been getting fairly impatient lately because I've had all these parts sitting here and no board to use them on lol. I sold my old system too so I'm stuck without a gaming PC til I can get it. The waiting is making me consider buying a different board, so I've been browsing a few of the gigabyte and asrock ones.
The EVGA Z77 FTW board just came out recently and the features on that look pretty nice, and it follows the black/red colour scheme I was going for. I heard some bad things about the last generation of EVGA boards though, so I'm a bit sceptical about getting one with hardly any reviews out on it yet. Not sure I want to be one of the early adopters of a board that turns out bad.
I haven't seen any comparisons on performance with pcie3.0 8x/8x vs 16x/16x(via PLX chip) yet so I'm not sure if I really want/need one of the boards that have a PLX chip for 3way or quad sli for just 2 cards, does the plx chip increase the response time like the old chips on the z68s? I probably won't be going with a dedicated sound card because I run a USB headset most of the time anyways, so I won't need an open pcie lane for that.

SSD: I'm looking for a 240/256GB SSD that will give me the best read performance in the 200-350 dollar range, I've been looking at the Samsung 830 but haven't found a retailer in the GTA that carries it. Also looking at the Vertex4 and the CrucialM4, but I can't really decide on which would be best. I might get 2 to run raid0 now that the intel raid supports TRIM (I think?).
I'll be running 3 additional 2TB Caviar Blacks as storage drives.

Monitors: I'm looking to setup a 3 monitor surround 57x12 or 57x1080 if there aren't any 16:10s in my price range. I haven't really been keeping up to date on monitors lately since I wasn't in the market for one. I'm looking for something in the 250-350 range (each) that has good response times and (fairly) accurate colour reproduction and image quality. I do a lot of modelling/rendering and digital artwork, so I don't want something terrible, but I have 2 good IPS panels at work so I'm not terribly concerned about it. I'm pretty sensitive to differences in brightness and colour variations, so a screen that has uniform back lighting and colour would be best. But this will be mainly for gaming anyway, so a faster monitor would be preferred over a slower but better looking monitor within the same price range.

Not sure if there's anything else I'm forgetting, but with all these parts sitting here and being stuck on a laptop I've been getting a bit impatient to get this all up and running :(

Canada Computers and NCIX listed the MVFormula up for preorder, but they have no idea when they will actually be getting them in :/ I'm not sure if either are tier 1 retailers that will get them at launch so I don't want to order it right away in case they don't get it and I need to go with newegg or amazon
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