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Default Did my 9600 gso Blow UP?!

So I gave my old PC to my brother which has a 9600 gso and pentium D run through a 650w Ultra PSU (Ultra LSP650 650-Watt Power Supply - ATX, SATA-Ready, SLI-Ready, 135mm Fan, Lifetime Warranty w/ Registration at

I also run that same psu on my current build with gtx 285 and i7 .

It might be overkill for my old PC but it was on sale so I got it.

Anyways I thought since it was alot of Watts, it would provide clean power for my old PC ( I had replaced my old pc's psu with this 650w one because it blewup ...stupid hp shit)

Just recently, my bros screen got messedup with lines. It was a video card problem so I took a look and I told him to reinstall drivers because I thought that the card was good. Didnt end up working so he just disabled the gpu and continued on that computer with his homework stuff.

Today I took a look at the GPU as I was ganna test it on my PC for a final go wheter it is completly gone or if there was another problem that was causing the lines on my bros pc. I loook at the card and the Capacitors look like they exploded.

4 capacitors have its top's pierced and some orangy yellow stuff like fabric hay or somthing is slightly comming out.

3 6.3V capacitors and 1 5.3V capacitor hhas blown up. The rest 16v and 2.5 volts look fine.

How could this have happend? My old PC has poor cooling ventilation and I hear that beast scream with its fans from my room across. Could it be an overheat issue? But wouldn't the computer shutdown before 100% automaticly?

Could it be the psu ? I am running the powersupply on my main rig and it seems fine?
My bro's pc is old and this is the 2nd malfunction, should I risk and buy a new GPU or should I just build a new build maybe an i3 or i5.

What do I do with this graphics card? Shud I test run in sli for physics on mine? I am afriad to even put this shit in my build because might make power problems... or might damage my components.

Thanks guys!
Build: i7-920, EVGA GTX 285, XFX X58i Extreme Edition , 2GB x 3 DDR3 - Patriot Viper, ThermalTake M9 V1000series, Ultra LSP 650w, Western Digital 500GB @7200rpm,
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