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Default Trendnet TPA-311

I just picked up 2 of these from NCIX, after 3 weeks of waiting for a warehouse transfer. The units are re-packaged (refurbed?!) and doesn't come with any manual. I tried hooking it up but it doesn't work. Anyone else here use cable broadband and use TPA-311? I fired off an email to Trendnet but since it's the weekend, I don't expect them to answer until Tuesday. My current set up:

Wall coax -> splitter --> modem -> router -> TPA-311 (cat5) -> TPA-311 (HPNA) -> splitter

I also tried the following but the modem will not go online:

Wall coax --> TPA-311 (HPNA coax) --> TPA-311 (TV coax) --> modem --> router --> TPA-311 (cat5)
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