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My System Specs

Question Crossfire doubt... will my mobo support it?

Good night from argentina (good afternoon to all canadian readers?)

I've created this thread to see if someone can help me with a little idea i had...

I would like to run crossfire on my system (by getting another 6850)
... and i'm wondering if the idea will work on my motherboard.. considering that the 970a ud3 hast 2 pci-e slots, but only one of them is wired at 16x...the 2nd port is only wired at 4x

Is it a good idea to run crossfire on my rig? or should i get myself a new motherboard...

oh... and i would like to know if by buying a Sentey ERP750-ss PSU my system will be able to boot up once i assemble it with both GPUs.... note that the psu has 55a on the 12v rail (monorail)

p.d.: i actually thought about getting myself a Corsair, coolermaster or another "good" brand PSU ... but here in argentina, due to the fact that we can't import a lot of pc parts (thanks to our lovely president).. the prices are... those brands are kinda off limits here (the TX650 is around 320 U$S...)

also i want to let anyone know that i won't be able to upgrade my gpu to lets say a 69xx / 7xxx model... (i bought this gpu about 2 months ago.. and the price tag hasn't changed at all..i paid 300U$S)
Gigabyte GA-970a UD3

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