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I wish I had more info about the motherboard without having to pry this open, but so far there's been little info online.

I've been asking the same question on other forums, and it would seem that their main concern would be the motherboard and power supply.

I did find out that the Inspiron 620s Slimtower uses 250 watt whereas the NZXT Phantom requires a 500 watt, so that's useful to know.

So far I may need to consider buying a new motherboard and power supply in order for it to be compatible with the mentioned case.

Basically I'm not just looking to move its contents, but I'm looking to have a set up that's easily upgradable. If too many things are proprietary within the 620s, I may have to consider buying new hardware.

But that's what this forum's for - if I can do that as less as possible would be good, too.
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