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Originally Posted by Hacksaw907 View Post
If all you're doing is using a digital format to transfer your sound, ie. HDMI or toslink, then yeah, a sound card won't benefit you one bit. If, however, you're sticking to typical 3.5mm/RCA jacks to output sound, then a sound card can be very beneficial.
That is not quite true. Even though you are using digital, you can still pass the card features through digital to your external device. Many times, onboards will also have very shotty digital outputs, very jittery and imprecise.

For example, many of the best gaming audio systems I have seen use a gaming card and pass the features through digital to a higher end DAC or receiver. This way you have all the features of the card but have higher quality sound in comparison to just the cards DAC's.

On the other hand, if you have a higher end modern soundcard, you would be better off running analog to many receivers as many modern soundcards would have superior DAC's in comparison to what is available on receiver S/Pdif input section.
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