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Talking Help Me Pick a New Wireless Rodent

Thanks for the responses. I am having a hard time finding a mouse to fit my needs which are:

1. Must be wireless
2. Must be able to be used right and left handed
3. If it lights up like a "christmas tree", need to be able to disable lights
4. Not too many buttons
5. Decent battery life.
6. Reasonbly priced.

The ASUS mouse seemed like it might fit most of the requirements. Am currently thinking about the Razar Mamba or Orachi (but seems a bit small).

Currently using Microsoft 5000 wireless, terrible lag (cursor jumps all over screen like it has ants in its pants) but feel of mouse is good. Have not found a Logitech that feels good in hand.
At this point thinking need to go to higher price point.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
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