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My System Specs


Well thanks to this mod ARMA 2 is STILL at the top of the Top Sellers list on Steam except for the sales that come up. They're also displaying it in the Featured Items which is normally reserved for new releases. Hopefully this shows other dev/publishers what mods can do for game sales. That is mostly the reason I was willing to shell out $30 for a nearly 3 year old game.

If anyone else is playing this besides supafly, enab and I, let us know so we can get some sort of teamwork happening here, which is a big help in DayZ. We've mostly been playing on the Seattle 65 server.

This video is the one that convinced me to play DayZ. It looks like a fairly old build in this video. 3 minutes in always makes me laugh. Dat scream.

The Days Ahead - Part 1 - Welcome to New Chernarus - YouTube

And this one for the lulz:

Destiny vs. The No - YouTube
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