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Default Need help selecting new Case!

I am currently using a Zalman Z9 Plus ATX Mid Tower, It's a fine case, but I would like to get something smaller and less flashy. So what I was thinking is something quite small like the LIAN LI PC-V354B. Now I know it's an obvious sacrifice of space. To fit into the case I have the following

-Intel Extreme ATX motherboard with i7 2700k and 4x4GB (16GB) Sabertooth Ram
-Corsair hf 50 cpu cooler (takes some room)
-EVGA GTX 670 (just ordered)
-4 Standard Hard Drives
-Go Flex Pro EasySwap USM may not be possible to use
-1 Corsair 64GB Solid State Drive

I know I would have to get some sort of Bay External Enclosure and use that outside of case and im fine with that. (could use suggestions for that too haha)
Anyways, I need help finding case that's simpler and not as huge. And I know my motherboard is ATX, so the Case I posted wont work, but is their anything out their similar that will? (or am I wrong thinking that?) This is where you the community comes in . Would really appreciate the help from you guys. Thanks.

Edit: Also, am I nieve thinking I can get something with such a small form factor and fit a second GTX 670 in the future? Not needed, but just thinking.

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