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My System Specs


Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
Because a faster storage drive won't help for one FPS or help me manage my PC any better. A 10 year old IDE drive is going to work the exact same in game than any SSD. Sure the SSD will kill it in loading speeds and starting Windows, I don't dispute that. 99% of the people running SSD's still need a mechanical storage drive for keeping everything.

Until prices drop, it makes no sense, unless you have money to burn, to pay so much for so little storage.
You know people do use computers for uses other then gaming right? I guess I am 1% because I run a single 128gb SSD in my machine and that is it. I have no need for storage.

Also with the prices that regular HDD's are at currently your argument of saving money and not 'burning it' are completely nullified.
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