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Default Microsoft Surface

Seems like the news articles aren't linking to the forums, so here is HwC's news article on the Surface:

The Surface family of tablets will have two lines: one geared for consumers while the other targeted towards professionals. According to a published spec sheet, the consumer line of tablets – available in 32GB or 64GB versions – will have an NVIDIA Tegra processor and Windows RT whilst the professional line – available in 64 GB or 128GB – will have Intel Core i5 chip and an x86 version of Windows 8.
Microsoft Unveils “Surface” Tablets | Hardware Canucks

Here's the keynote speech for the tablet:
Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet : Keynote - YouTube

This thing looks like it could actually de-thrown the Transformer Prime and the iPad 3. The case is designed to be rugged and scratch resistant. Built in kick stand and magnetic keyboard, they don't want you to buy a case for this thing and advocate it's magnesium shell/case will hold up to a beating. The keyboard acts like a cover for the Gorilla glass they are using.

You can run 2 apps side by side, which is rather impressive and useful in situations where you are in a video chat/conference call and need word/excel open at the same time. Looks like they are advocating this thing as a tablet and a pc rather then just a tablet.

Apparently the Pro version is suppose "To have specs that rival most powerful ultrabooks"
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