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Drops have really been a joke since the patch for us, sure we're not 60 yet, however some of the randomized abilities for the pack of mobs we've gotten has taken 5-10 minutes to kill because of their ability to one or two shot either one of us. Once we do kill them it's like 1-2 rare magical drops. Sure it's all randomized loot and for crafting as well, but make it at least slightly smart. There is no reason a monk weapon should have strength on it, just like a wizzard hat shouldn't have dex on it. I mean seriously blizzard, NO ONE benefits from their non-main stat in a class specific item.

Once we hit 60 and push into inferno, we'll probably play another class. After that who knows if we'll keep at it or not. It has so far given the two of us together 60 hours of gameplay, and for her probably 90 hours (since she still hasn't been able to find a job) but if it's going to be this much of a hassle or worse in inferno to get gear, when does torchligh 2 come out?
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