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Yeah... they need a big 2.0 release patch to fix a lot of the stuff wrong with the game now. And I think sswilson nailed it when they said Blizzard was thinking MMO here over Diablo. The loot drops are pathetic, the patch did nothing, NOTHING, to fix crafting except make the first 7 levels of gems pointless and the 8th dirt cheap. They need to step back from the greed machine that is the AH and back to actual gaming. The cash cow of WOW really has tainted them as a developer.

I havent played inferno yet, want to get my DH (4th character) up to 60 at least. Found a half decent crossbow for him though tonight, lvl 51 in hell act1, high dex, decent life on hit, decent damage. My main goal with him is now to powerlevel him to level 60 before i get to the end of act2. Then I'll try to take my monk through inferno and beat the game. Then its most likely going on the shelf, couldnt be bothered to get my witch doctor past lvl 9

I've sunk a lot of time into this mostly because I dont have too much else to do right now in rainy vancouver. Hopefully the sun might actually stay out for a little while here and I can get back outside.

Edit: Just been reading some "blue" posts and I have to say wow. Right now the message they are sending is that if its too hard too bad. My thinking is that right now its more annoying than hard and that there is a real game design problem going on. I want inferno to be hard but I do not want to be banging my head against the wall.

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