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Exclamation DA:Origins, BF:BC2, MoH:Airborne and Spore for FREEE!!! !!

Check your emails! Anyone who has a current origin account will be able to access the free game.

It's the one-year anniversary of Origin, and we want to thank you for being part of our community. Enjoy a complimentary game download* on us—just pick which one you want and follow the instructions to get your game!

1. Log in to the Origin gaming app from your desktop.
2. Use the search bar to choose your favorite game from
Dragon Age: Origins, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Spore.
3. Add the game to your cart.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click “Enter Promo Code” and enter the following promo code: XXXXXXXXX (you will get your own one time use, for one game only code in your email).

Keep the party going!
Visit the Origin store for more great offers during our anniversary month!
Edit: and you can get Free Medal of Honor Airborne for free too following these simple steps...

1) Go here: Origin
2) Click the orange button, "Comprar Agora" (you don't even have to read the rest below... just fill in forms with stuff and click buttons )
3) A popup window will appear with a pulldown menu named Método de entrega. Select "digital"
4) Once selected, a menu named "Idioma" will pop up, choose "Ingles (US)" or whatever language you prefer, and then click the green "Adicionar Ao Carrinho" button
5) Click the orange "Pagar >>" button in the shopping cart
6) Enter your Origin email address in the "Endereço de e-mail:" field and then your password in the "Palavra-passe:" field and click the green "Iniciar Sessao" button
7) After you're logged in, you'll need to enter a name/address/country, you can use just about anything here since it isn't validated. I made up a phone number and since Canada isn't available as a selection select any other country
8) Click the that you agree to terms and then the Green Button to finish your transaction. Soon, Medal or Honor Airborne will appear in your Origin account in "My Games".

From where I got it from, it's said that it seems to be a legitimate promo. Nevertheless it's possible they could remove this game from your account any time.

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