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Originally Posted by bainne View Post
Got to say I'm glad I got a refund before 1.0.3 dropped. Looks like sh!t hit the fan even further

Gladly moved my hard earned money over to a game that really deserves it and pre-purchased GW2 :) I had more fun in a single and limited beta weekend in GW2 than I had in the 25 hours I gave Diablo III, and I really truly tried to sort out the bugs, tried different play styles, and attempted to utilize the auction house as its intended replacement for a loot system, but man alive aside from the initial 10 hour game it was simply not entertaining.

You can't compare gameplay styles sure, but you can compare fun - the universal language of entertainment. I play lots of different genres and enjoy them all. Comparing the "fun" factor of D3 to say GW2, BF3 or heck, Minecraft is a relative observation sure, but an entirely valid comparison.

Content may be a general measurement of the amount of "fun" one can have in a game. A $60 game that provides 60 hours of unique, interesting, replayment and therefore fun , content, winds up equaling a $1/hour of entertainment! In Diablo III's case, maybe you did manage to enjoy the first 10 hours, but for the next 20 you kept plodding through just HOPING things would improve. Well then you are sitting at $3/hour of entertainment and $6/hour of actual fun.

Thus the game that provides the most "fun"/hour becomes the better buy.
Since you refunded already, so basically you played a free game, $0/hour
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