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My System Specs


Few problems I see with that build... (well not problems but comments on it)

no.1 is for any kind of design, colour is important and a bog standard TN panel is rubbish for colour reproduction. Get an IPS

Second is for web design a 6 core processor is totally wasted.. If you we doing allot of BIG renders I would say go for it.. but there is really no need...
Save yourself $300 and get a 3770k.. Hell a 3570k would be way more than enough for web design and gaming. Invest in a better monitor..

Get cheaper memory... 1600mhz is plenty fast enough..

H100 is overkill unless you really want to push an oc on a "standard" after-market cooler and not go custom loop etc H60 is quite good and much cheaper

That evga is stock.. I'd go for something with a custom cooler on it for reduced heat and noise.
P.S if you don't get a better monitor then a 670 is plenty powerful enough.. especially if you go for the gigabyte windforce oc or asus DCII TOP etc as they trade blows with a stock 680..

Can't emphasise how much a good monitor will increase your experience compared to over-doing the CPU, ram etc..
27" IPS is super sweet to work on (680 would be useful) but a 24" is pretty good too
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