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My System Specs

Default Preparing my new build

Hello fellow hardware cunackians.
Going to be building my new computer in about 5 months, i know its a long time in the tech world(im hoping it is) but this is the first time i am building a pc for its looks. I need your help to find/change a few bits.

1)The case is going to be the Silverstone Raven RV03, there is no changing the case and the build is going to be built around its colour scheme.

2)Looking for a black and gold mobo, closest i can find is Asrock Z77 Extreme 4.

3) Does anyone know any ram that is black and gold? the Corsair Vengeance gold seems a bit too much gold, and the other one i have been contemplating is the Patriot Viper Extreme(havnnt seen these in person, but hoping its more gold then bronze).

4) i5-3570k cooled by Corsair H80 with Noctua NF-F12(this is the only exception in the build).

5) PSU is the Seasonic X-660 with all black Bitfenix cable extensions.

6)Havnt picked a graphics card yet, looking for mid-high range gpu like the 7870. i want one with a black pcb or a black back plate(is it possible to buy a back plate?), the heat sink cover also has to be black and gold or just black. xfx is red and silver, msi has that blue circle thing on it, so both of those are a no-no. guessing i will have to wait till the gtx660 comes out.

7)To finish of the build i will be using BitFenix Alchemy White LED Strips.

So what do you guys think? are these the best parts for a black and gold build?

Thanks heaps guys.
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