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Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
Thanks for the review, Sky!
I can't agree with any of the compromises in this notebook... I'd easily "give up" 200g of weight and an extra half centimetre of thickness to get more USB ports, better cooling, and a keyboard I can actually type a report on.
Two USB would be useless to my research group. 1 USB accessory for device under test, mouse, ...wait where do you put your USB key? I know hubs exist but the powered ones are annoying since you need to run another power cable.

Assuming they still exist, can you contrast this review with a big thick notebook like a mobile workstation or gaming PC that has 10 minutes battery life at load?
With the Zenbook prime being released shortly,the keyboard issue will most likely by fixed. IMO, 2 USB3.0 is enough (on the new Zenbook) if you have a Bluetooth mouse. Unfortunately, the good Bluetooth mice are quite rare. And you can have a USB hub at home with more peripherals.

Also, I found the cooling on this laptop to be efficient enough.

I think with the keyboard issue being addressed, this will become a good product.

Still, you can't expect to have a full featured laptop in such a small package. I'm not on the road enough to consider my T520 to be a PITA to carry around, and I like the extra options. And unless the Carbon X1 is really good, I'll probably switch to a T530 to be able to use 3 monitors. (I don't want the NVidia graphics)
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