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Originally Posted by Squeetard View Post
You are running the torture tests? Try the ones that test lots of ram and the ones that stress the cpu without using ram, see if that can tell you whether the culprit is ram or cpu.

I'd also try tweaking the bios settings and see what gives.

First, up the cpu voltage a bit and see if that helps, or underclock it. Then go conservative on the memory timings, maybe up the ram voltage a touch too.

Hopefully you can isolate the problem, or even make your system stable.
Thanks for the input, I will try the individual tests tonight and tomorrow morning, hopefully that narrows it down for me.

I set my timings to the default that the sticks are rated for which is 10/10/10/27 at ddr3-1600 at 1.5v and fiddled around with the settings a couple of times already.

I will play around with the cpu settings as well.

Thank you sirs.
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