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Wow that's a rather long maintenance day if you look at it, 3am PDT to 1pm PDT, 10 hours.

Would suck for me if I didn't work all day, because that's 7am ADT to 5pm ADT.

Seeing as I have nothing so far that does IAS for me, I shouldnt feel the effect of this change. Wanting to see the official patch notes none the less...

Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Patch 1.03 is apparently going live during today's scheduled maintenence. Say goodbye to your currently IAS boosted damage levels unless it's on a DH quiver, all other IAS are taking at least 50% nerf.
That's actually datamined speculation and not from official patch notes. Datamined can be rather inaccurate with a small sample size or if values are changed before a patch goes live.
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