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Originally Posted by Stosh View Post
Yeah, me too unfortunately. Seagate was hands down THE best drive prior to that fiasco. Most of their drives came with a standard 5 year warranty, for a good reason... they held up forever.
But now, I don't know if i'd trust one. And like howpet mentioned above, WD's customer service is still pretty decent, and i'm afraid that the costs of failed firmware effected the way Seagate handled the customers.

Now i'm going to throw a story in here that some of you may not have ran across.
Why? One of the, if not THE biggest drive recovery companies in Europe, did a spreadsheet a couple of years ago and it showed that Hitachi trounced the other drive makers when it came to failure rates. Theirs failed a lot less often than Seagates or Western Digital did.

Now of course that could change quickly since Western Digital just bought them out.
But if I was buying a big drive today, I'd go with the Hitachi, no question.
FWIW, i've got a 2tb Hitachi on this build for backup, and so far it's been perfect. Very fast backups to it from my ssd os drive.
Last I heard The EU and other governments were not letting WD to buy Hitachi as a whole... I believe Toshiba got Hitachi's 3.5" drives. WD only got 2.5" and SSD.
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