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Take a look at this guys video:
HAF 932 10 Fans and H100 liquid cooling - YouTube

It definitely looks like he has a push pull configuration on his Corsair H100 in the "smaller" Haf X "932" case. Your "942" is the larger version Haf X so it should fit no problem.

I have my Corsair Carbide 500R and it's a pretty small case and snuggly fits the H100 cooler. I did modify it to fit a "push-pull" configuration :) , which I don't think too many people successfully done. I should upload a video or tutorial as to how I did mine but it works great. It has 4 PWM Cougar fans kick ass to make the Cpu really chilly too :)

Check out this guy for the Haf X 942 and the H100. This tutorial video is good and informative. Also do a search for his other videos doing the install. I used some of his ideas and information to install my own.

How to install a Corsair H100 into a Coolermaster HAF X case - YouTube

Be aware that the Corsair H100 did have some issues with "noise" and it was "fixed" by having to lower the voltage inputting into the H100. I personally has some noise with mine but I think it's pretty "ok" compared to what others described it on the Corsair forum; 800+ replies on that one thread! I think the problem is "mostly" gone but be aware of the issue; probably a design flaw but remediable though. Other than that, Corsair H100 is pretty awesome and problem free.

Good luck with the H100!
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