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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Think for surround gaming you would want 2x 670 for good fps... if it's single monitor gaming but 3 screens then a single 670 should do..
Gigabyte GTX 670 WindForce OC Review

The only things I might change in the gaming build would be a 3570k, for a gaming build the i7 is wasted and money is better spent else-where..
the h100 to a H60.. your not pushing that hard, again money can be saved and spent elsewhere..
and a sandforce based ssd (there are some very close to the M4 in value that will beat it in performance)

PSU, seasonic based modular 850 watt will leave you some overhead for 680's in sli and all your extras.

Can I ask why you want a separate HTPC and server.. you could possibly combine these 2 into 1 build and save some bucks to spend on your gaming build.
Like Joe, I'm not very well versed in these myself but I'm sure there are options to consider and other people that could advise better than I on this..

If you could save enough I would be very tempted by a custom water loop for CPU and GPU(s)
Looks awesome and kick-ass cooling without the need for a dozen fans.

P.S I'm very jealous over your buildS
Thanks for all your input. I was thinking about making the server htpc together but i have 4 other computer in the house and the server and htpc are going to be different rooms, but now i think about it it seems like a very good idea.
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