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Originally Posted by JoeOnePack View Post
Gaming PC looks pretty good. Definitely could save some money by switching to a different board. It really depends on the look and colour scheme you are looking for. Everything looks good. Stick with a GTX 670. I have one and really cant complain. 1080p monitors will be fine for that card. It's when you start moving up in resolution that it may not cut it.

For a PSU, I would personally stick with a Corsair/Seasonic PSU. If you want to SLI in the future and want to pick a PSU that will work for that later, get at least 750w. If you strive for aesthetics you probably want a fully modular PSU like the AX model PSU's by Corsair. AX750, AX850 etc.

I am very curious how the white led's are going to look in the case. When I did my build I was seriously considering using white led's only inside the case. Ended getting blue ones instead because they were on sale. I fine blue led's wash out all the colours in the case. That's my only problem.

Other than that, looks fantastic. I will withhold comments on your other two builds as I am not versed too well in those fields.

Good luck!
Thanks for the advice ! well I'm going with a white and black theme build. I chose the switch 810 in black so ill try the white leds, but i wanted to step away from the regular blue (been using blue led fans and cathodes for the last 4 years). Thanks for your input and ill make sure I do a build log.
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