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Default Home Server PC Issue.

Well, I'm getting several issues wiht my home server pc that's rather pissing me off right now.

Currently the original OS drive keeps booting to disk check, successfully completes it then stops a few seconds after it says it's loading windows and reboots into the whole ordeal.

Figured it was a dead/dying hard drive, though no click of death. I swapped in one of my known working HTPC hard drives, boots until I see it say it's loading windows, 1-2 seconds it in reboots the system and wants to do a start up repair (with nothing ever done/fixed).

Is it possible I have a dying/dead sata cable, power cable, or sata port, because I can't see a known working hdd doing this otherwise.

Just tried the following changes:
Different sata cable
Different power cable
Different Sata port

All yield the same results, I'm guessing it's moreso now something on the rest of the system's side. RAM, CPU or mobo (though the mobo part I would have though be the sata port)
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