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Default Power Supply Failure?

Hi! Ive been running my new computer for almost a week now and it has been on ever since we built it. It is running at 4.2GHZ and the specs are in my sidebar. Now, I have had this happen to me twice now since building it. The first time happened in Saints Row, Im driving around, and the computer just shuts off. The only thing that was maxed out was the GPU and it was running stable. The second time was just a couple minutes ago, I was in Skyrim, someone messaged me on GSC, go to click on Skyrim again, the computer turns off.

I know this is not my CPU or GPU as they run fully maxed out for 8 hours at night running MilkyWay@home, but I don't know why I want to blame this on my power supply. The only reason I might suspect the powersupply, is because when the computer turns off, I need to turn the power supply off then back up, then click the on button on my case to start up the computer again. I need to turn off the powersupply first.

Any help with this would be nice.
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