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My System Specs


Hi Guys,

I tried my best, Im sure you all know from my hectic updates these last almost 3 weeks that Ive been working every second I get free on the project. Unfortunately it was not enough. The reason for starting so late was waiting for parts to arrive and basically financially being able to buy all the materials, paints, etc I needed to make this truelly unique.

The fact is Im about 1-3 days short worth of work on detailing, fixing some last minute issues (that always pop up) and so on to be happy with the final result.

That said, I have made it as presentable as posible to be able to participate in the competition I started this for.

As you can see some parts are missing like the wood trimmings (thats what those holes in the metal are for), some modifications to make everything fit better, and a few other things, also theres 2 very small leaks on 2 different fittings on the radiator side of the case which I need to fix.

And a long list of "small things to do".

Goes without saying I am finishing the project, but since the hectic deadline is now over I will be taking my sweet time, and making sure everything is as perfect as my skills allow it to be.

Aniway, here are the pictures of how it looks right now.

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