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My System Specs


Cheers mate, in deed that was the idea behind mounted them an inch or so from the case but if itīs not possible itīs not possible (it provably would have been if I had more time in my hands, and I do plan on in the future doing a "redux" on this project and do somethings I wouldīve liked to do to it. But aniway, about the rads. to be completely honest I picked two to cover most of the side, I did some trial and error and just didnt like the look with just one. As for the cooling, really it was a but like if I get acceptable temperatures (no more than 55c) then great, if not, mount fans on it, which is why I left enough space between the rads and the pipes crossing over them. But of course, Iīll let you guys knows temps in general once I can : )
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