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Default Sleeving Discussion & Gallery thread

Have any questions about sleeving or have some pics you want to post? I tend to get a lot of PMs in regards to sleeving so maybe a thread to keep things organized is a good idea.

Where to buy the good sleeving?
1. MDPC-X. My personal favourite. Good prices & perfect size. However the store has wierd and very short hours of operation.
2. Dazmode. Just as good quality as the MDPC-X stuff, available in Canada, and pretty good selections of colours.

A sleeving tutorial video by mattlef
Shrinkless Sleeve - Quick and Dirty

My quick guide to shrinkless sleeving.
1. Bare cable.

2. Install sleeving like so. Leave a couple of mm between the edge of the sleeving and the crimp head.

3. Install the piece of heatshrink. I like to use about an inch or so of heatshrink so I don't burn the sleeve.

4. Take a torch or a lighter to the heatshrink. This is to melt the sleeving underneath the heatshrink. It will likely take a few tries to get the perfect melt. Too little and it won't hold. Too much and you'll melt the wire plus likely burn the sleeve where it can be seen.

5. Pull off the heatshrink w/ a pair of pliers. Now just slip it in to a connector.

6. Profit.

Link to sleeving water cooling tubing
The Crippled God WIP
Queen of Dreams WIP
Big Lian Li
Forever Alone Complete

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