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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
Just look at some of the upgrade prices on the MacPro portion of the Apple website.

32GB of memory, add $975 -- and we're talking about either 1066 or 1333 Ram, this isn't superfast 2133 Ram.

It comes stock with a 1TB HDD. An extra 512MB SSD is $1000. An extra 2TB 7200rpm HDD is $300.

Which is actually reasonable compared to the extra super-multi drive you can have installed for $100. And when I say super-multi, I don't mean BD-R, I mean DVD-RW. A DVD writer goes for, what? $20 on NCIX?

Hell, to add another 5770 in order to run X-fire 5770s you have to add $250. For one extra 5770. WTF?

Seriously, if Mac Pro users don't see that they're getting ripped off, (especially in the light that Protools runs on Windows now) then they're idiots.
That's par for the course for workstations, it's not an Apple-specific thing.

Taking a look at Dell's T7600 workstation, upping to 32GB of 1600MHz memory is $720, adding a 256MB SSD is $1000, adding a 2TB HDD is $600, adding a second Quadro 5000 video card is $2165.

Originally Posted by MacJunky View Post
It should be noted that Apple never ever ever updates ALL of it's products at the same time. The desktops will be coming next.
Well, they did update the Mac Pro, it's just a really weak update that still doesn't make it worth buying.
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