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My System Specs


First update of D-Day -1.

I am plausibly going slightly crazy...


Started drilling based on measurements taken yesterday and test mounted both radiators.

Matt black painted the chasis, even though in the picture it doesnīt look matt, thatīs because paint wasnīt dry yet.

Painted one side of both radiators (mainly the middle as the the non-radiator-y-bits will receive the wood treatment later today. Before anyone goes crazy about loosing performance and all that. Iīll say what Iīve said every other time Iīve painted a rad or heatsink and noticed no loss of performance. If you do it with acrylic paint, itīs fine. Itīs not fine when you do it with synthetic or plastic paints. You can argue all you want, but I wouldnīt be doing it if I hadnīt tested it countless times : )

Iīm hoping I can run the system without fans on the radiator to acceptable temps, since thereīs 2 rads and all they are cooling is the cpu, if not, will add fans at a later point, but for the "final" look they wonīt have fans on them.

Painted the plastic parts of the reservoir...

...and itīs mounts.

And finished all the wood effect trimmings.

Piping wonīt be done today as all the parts need to be mounted and while that will happen today, it wonīt before the plumbing supplies shop closes for the day.

So will be going hopefully first thing tomorrow morning and getting all the piping done, leave the loop running for as many hours as I can allow it to and still have time to mount the hardware and psu in and finish by midning tomorrow.

...I canīt believe I havenīt aplied the matt clear coat finish yet...

Now I have to go to my actual job and pretend like Iīm not freaking out about not finishing this in time :S
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