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My System Specs


Originally Posted by miggs78 View Post
HP did buy them out, but Voodoo office in Calgary still makes those Omens. Its like HP just bought Voodoo for the name, I personally work for the HP Blackbird side, we build those blackbirds. But we often see those old Omens lying around. The new Omen that is coming out, we are lucky 2 guys from our dept are going to be building the first units, and also making the manuals for it, so basically once we all know it nice and good, we will build both Blackbird and Omen..

The only think I am stuck about is, Lian Li have some special screws for one or 2 of their things, like hard drives and stuff, and voodoo have special ways to mount stuff like radiator in the chassis, apparently they aren't allowed to give any screws out, but since I bought a case from them, I am going to speak to the manager to lend me some atleast, I can't finish my rig until I don't get screws.
Wow, didn't know they were made here in Canada. Sounds like a dream job...building high-end rigs everyday.

I think you could probably find those screws on various websites, unless they are special to Voodoo.
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