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My System Specs


Totally depends on what resolution of a screen you want to play on.. Generally for FPS games a lower res is actually better (everything appears bigger)..
If you want pretty then a 27" or 30" with high res is the ultimate.. Also very good for strategy and rpg games.

If you want a really good screen get an IPS panel, 24" dell is good at 1920x 1200 or the 27" at 2560x1440.. I'd love to get the samsung 27" pls screen myself but out of my budget.
The image quality of these are far far beyond a standard screen.
If your looking at a standard 22-24" cheap screen then just pick-up the cheapest panel you can get.. they are all low quality and you may as well save what you can.

/edit If prices are reasonably close pick one with a good dead pixel policy.. nout worse than getting a screen with a dead pixel or 2 and it not being covered.

If your gaming at 1920x1080 then your REALLY REALLY don't need anything bigger than a single GTX 670 to run everything max and have solid fps.
It would be decent at 2560x1440 but a second one would be worth it at this res.

On the cooler.. a H60 will save you a few bucks and keep the chip nice and cool.. You'll never see the difference of a couple hundred MHZ outside of benchmarks etc so don't try push the limits, just keep the chip comfortable.

the ram looks good.. you won't see any difference in games picking between ram. again it's for benchmarks etc and people who push clocks etc for fun.
A decent brand with decent timing at 1600mhz is the most common and plenty sufficient, which is exactly what you have..

850 watt PSU will be good for dual cards... any Seasonic based unit is always suggested here... so Seasonic, corsair, xfx, antec are all good..
(though some of the ones from the other 3 aren't seasonic based... pick and come back to check)

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