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If that doesn't work, then you could try clearing your cmos (Should be a button for that).
I cleared the CMOS. It involved me turning off the PC and unplugging the power cord, putting the jumper cap from pins 1-2(default) to 2-3 for five to ten seconds,, and then moving the cap back to pins 1-2. Then I plugged the power cord back in and turned on the PC. It didn't really do anything =(

I'm talking about the cable at the top of the frame of this picture. It should be an 8-pin connector that splits into 2x 4-pin connectors, that comes directly out of the powersupply. It should NOT be one of the cables that can be disconnected.
I took the cable in question out. It says "CPU" on it and is an 8-pin connector that splits into 2x 4pin connectors. It goes directly into the power supply.

Make sure you're using the split EPS connector.
I don't know where the split EPS connector is. Can you tell me where I should find it?
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