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My System Specs


Originally Posted by elmorejohn46 View Post
I don't know who is makeing the 950watt PC&Power cooling ,but it comes with a 7 year warranty so it can't be all bad and the reviews I have seen on it look decent .Plus the price is hard to beat for a 1000watt power supply.I just did'nt want to pay $300 for another power supply when I think the 950 Mark II PC&Power Cooling should do the job .I want be running it as hard as my Cooler Master 1100UCP had to work with three overclocked GTX-470's and a i7-920 that was over clocked to 4.2gigs .I could tell it was drawing some big power when running benchmarks.This time I am going for quietness .I bought a Antec 280 and put all SiLent X fans in it . I have a Corsair H-100 on my i7-3820.I bought a 256gig SSD drive for my boot drive and a ASUS GTX-670 with the dual fans so it is real quiet even runninthe fans at 100% which I don't need to.
Ironically enough Warranty doesn't mean a thing. Ever.
OCZ gave me good warranty support on my Fatal1ty PSU's and Game Xtreme. That didn't stop them from dying. That didn't stop them from taking out gear either.

It is what it is. No matter who makes it. The key is to minimize ones exposure. Although OCZ 'aquired' PC power, I don't think they took it for any of its enginnering. They took it to put a more respectable 'name' on there PSU's while working there own internals.

I'll go with those I trust VS them now.


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