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Default cable modems & Rogers bandwidth: scam?

Has anyone been talking with Rogers in the past 4 months about your cable bandwidth? I recall an email from them saying everyone's speed and bandwidth were being upgraded at no charge. So I looked into my service plan that still has a 60gb limit then something like $2/gb after that. No b/w upgrade has applied for the past 3 bill cycles. I'm pretty anal about my bandwidth usage and keep close tabs on it.

Now when I call them about it, they say my modem is too old to be eligible for the extra monthly bandwidth and speed. (I bought the modem years ago in a Futureshop deal when Rogers gave you back credit for the purchase price, it is not a DOCSIS modem so I know my speed is capped at some amount). But how can they limit your bandwidth purely on a hardware upgrade?

I know I can buy an extra 20gb for $5/month, I've done that before, but then my loyalty discount won't apply (according to them). So now when I asked how much will this new modem cost if I agree, they will give me my loyalty discount on a new modem rental which amounts to $4.90 month but only gives me the extra 10gb/mon under the new plan [with some speed upgrade but i didnt ask how much, frankly it doesn't matter right now].

Does this make sense to you? Or is it just a ploy to get us to use some new hardware that possibly lets them throttle or spy on us more?
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