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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Oh I know what your saying. My 3 original points were a) just because it has a super high res pannel - doesnt mean the laptop aint crap. b) Picking this laptop because it "pushes boundaries" is stupid. Unless you plan on using this laptop for work its wasted. Wait for the standalone monitor(s) c) most consumers who dont have their ego wrapped up in it will hate it. It will -at best - be a feature they never use...and at worst turn iffy over compressed (but passable on smaller res screens) images into crap.
I've explained in this thread already, every raster image will look exactly the same as on the 1440x900 Macbook.

Using this screen for work in a high-resolution sense wouldn't be particularly useful - the maximum scaling option is 1920x1200, you're not going to be able to display any larger images than that on the screen without scrolling.
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