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Originally Posted by geoc View Post
Glad someone is on the same page. I have no qualms with people complaining about soldered ram and MSATA and the price, because that argument is completely fine, but when some people are so blinded by their dislike for Apple that they stomp on the fundamental and foundations of technological progression, it feels slightly hypocritical as everything we have nowadays are rooted from pushing boundaries and practicality.

Oh I know what your saying. My 3 original points were a) just because it has a super high res pannel - doesnt mean the laptop aint crap. b) Picking this laptop because it "pushes boundaries" is stupid. Unless you plan on using this laptop for work its wasted. Wait for the standalone monitor(s) c) most consumers who dont have their ego wrapped up in it will hate it. It will -at best - be a feature they never use...and at worst turn iffy over compressed (but passable on smaller res screens) images into crap.

Apple users expect their toys to "just work". This aint just working. Its bleeding edge tech and will have major caveats...just like any other bleeding edge tech. Just another great way to part iTards from their money in another years time when the "new and improved" (aka FIXED) version comes on the scene.
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