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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SneakySnake View Post
Fine i'll say high resolution. And I said like 4 android phones in my post. Nice of you to pick out the iPhone and hate on that.
Actually, iPhone was one of the first smartphones I liked....

I absolutely refused to allow myself to get one because of the current new generation of iFans. I absolutely did not want to be approached on the street by some hipster who just left his $10 a cup "java" store and for him to try and relate to me on his level.

Basically I dislike the typical user of Macs and Apple products. I can't stand that they talk to me like they know something about computers and know this secret that I couldn't possibly know because I use a PC. Basically, they kept browsing porn and accepting every single popup as the gospel truth, and couldn't keep the PC running for longer than 3 weeks. Of course when they went to Mac that didn't happen anymore, simply due to running a Mac. Is it magical? In their stupidity they think so. However it's just a simple lesson of security through obscurity.

I've never liked Apple as a company, but I've owned several Apple computers in my time.

The old school Mac users that went from 680x0 (OMG! what's that!) to PPC are pretty decent for the most part, I don't think they're delusional.

By delusional I mean:

- Mac is server grade hardware.
- Macs can't get viruses
- Apple invented the mouse
- Anything your PC can do my Mac can do better

.... just to name a few.

... and I still do not see the point of these severely high res screens. I'm not going to shun them or anything, if my phone has it then great, but it's not even close to being a selling feature for me.

Selling features for me are user upgradable memory and a removable battery.

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