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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
The only thing apple has set the bar on is screen resolution which we are currently arguing makes no sense. Apple really isn't innovating very much, they are just taking other peoples tech and putting it into a laptop the same as any other OEM. They take the same parts as other people and just charge more and offer above average customer service.

P.S I really hope apple hasn't "set the bar" with ram sticks being soldered onto the logic board otherwise i will be super pissed. I guess they really want you to pay them $100 for that 2gb ram upgrade so you can't do your own for $20.
That is an unfair argument as any new technological features or refinement that are introduced is generally not seen as practical at first, but if you don't give it a shot you will never know what it would become. Technology is meant to push practical boundaries if everyone had the same pessimistic mindset we would still be using Nokia 3360's and driving Kia's. I am not defending the Apple specifically but the way technologies advance and put into use, if it was RIM who was doing this I would still be support it for the exact same reason, though I would doubt it still be so negatively received by some people.

Seriously? You're going to drag soldered ram into an argument regarding industry display standards with the retina display? Illusory correlation much?
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