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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
I am in my right mind, and I got a Galaxy 2 S X over any version of the iPhone anyday.

Larger screen > high resolution small screen.

And seriously, drop the term "retina", it's.... too maccy.

To me, and most everyone else that doesn't believe in Mac magic, a higher resolution was a way of using a much bigger monitor without the DPI going too low.

IE: 21 inch 1080p vs a 27 inch 1080p. Yes, one is bigger, but the DPI starts to approach a limit where the pixels are starting to get too big.

However, a 30" monitor at 2560x1600 is bigger but still has a usable DPI

Doubling the pixels of a postage stamp still makes a stamp, and it doesn't look any better. It's too small to make use of the additional resolution anyway.
Fine i'll say high resolution. And I said like 4 android phones in my post. Nice of you to pick out the iPhone and hate on that.

high resolution large screen (Galaxy Nexus, One X, Galaxy S3) > large screen.

How do you not understand that ultra high resolution is now a necessity for every major smartphone coming out. Why on earth would you purchase a phone that doesn't have it. You have your choice of a bunch of phones, all sporting various screen sizes. Every major phone OEM's flagship phone is ultra high res.

I'm simply telling you that high resolution is awesome AND standard on smartphones, therefore it is a necessity for every new smartphone to have. Anyone without extreme vision problems can immediately tell the difference between a high resolution phone screen, and a low resolution one of the identical screen size. 3.5" iPhone 3GS vs 3.5" iPhone 4. The quality difference is night and day. Even just on the homescreen. This applies to every single smartphone. 4.5" GS2, vs 4.5" GS3 (dunno actual screen size of the galaxies, just guessing), the difference is night and day.

If dell, apple, sony, samsung, etc. were all releasing laptops with 2880x1800 res, that feature becomes a necessity, because everyone has it. If you don't have it, your product is inferior. Am I saying 2880x1800 is a necessity at the moment. Nope, not at all, it's just a luxury at the moment. It'll be standard though in about 5 years.

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