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Job's was proof that there is true and pure evil in the world and that the less then intelligent world will and has followed the devil into corruption over spending a destroyed families do to jealousy and obsession with one upping everyone around you. The media made him into a hero and a god, even though he could care less about anyone or anything on this planet. Thank the stars for Karma and greed as those two things bitch slapped his useless greed pushing ass into a early grave.

Even the original mastermind of Apple Steve Wozniak saw him as pure even and got as far from him as he could.

Was it not a great feeling the day Apple got bought up by Microsoft and you knew that at least some of Apple/Job's money was finally going to people who cared about the world. Gates is proof that there is light in humanity and that absolute power does not corrupt absolute.

Thank you God/Gods/Buddha/Alla and any other being who put a end to the darkness.

Think this was meant for the rants section hahaha

Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Bbbbbbut, its revolutionary! It can turn barely passable internet images into crisp, clean super images. Hell CSI depts all around the world plan on buying these as it will let the CSI Miami super zoom be TRUUUUUEEE.

Yeah seriously.....this is over-hyped BS that nearly no one will need, let alone use....but that wont stop the hipsters from buying it up.

The upside is that IF this sticks around long enough we may finally get internet images that don't suck....and maybe get over this 1080p movie BS....4K res here we come. :)

...just dont expect miracles even if Steve Jobs ghost did anoint it posthumously with his (salty yellow) "essences".
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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