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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
I am in my right mind, and I got a Galaxy 2 S X over any version of the iPhone anyday.

Larger screen > high resolution small screen.

And seriously, drop the term "retina", it's.... too maccy.
Bbbbbbut, its revolutionary! It can turn barely passable internet images into crisp, clean super images. Hell CSI depts all around the world plan on buying these as it will let the CSI Miami super zoom be TRUUUUUEEE.

Yeah seriously.....this is over-hyped BS that nearly no one will need, let alone use....but that wont stop the hipsters from buying it up.

The upside is that IF this sticks around long enough we may finally get internet images that don't suck....and maybe get over this 1080p movie BS....4K res here we come. :)

...just dont expect miracles even if Steve Jobs ghost did anoint it posthumously with his (salty yellow) "essences".
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