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Originally Posted by Mars View Post
No, if you replace every pixel with 4, it will not look fuzzy, it will look the same.
you keep using this 4to1 conversion but this is not a perfect world you cannot just make an image use 4 pixels unless it is exactly 4x the density otherwise it will change the size the inexact conversion ratio causes the fuzziness.

Say for every 1 pixel you scale the image and it only has space to use 3 pixels to keep the image the same size. Now in your block of 4 pixels that would be equivalent to 1 pixel you are only using 3 pixels to keep the image the right size, you are now blurring your image.

Anyways whether it looks the same or not is irrelevant because the original discussion was that it will not make the images look better.

Okay you edited your post... now your argument is exactly the same as AKG's and I don't know why you were arguing in the first place. Clearly some misunderstandings.
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