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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
Thats pretty much what AKG has been saying... it will make the image fuzzy though if you are upconverting no matter what your DPI is though... I think you are arguing the same point without knowing it.

Oh okay I think I get what you are saying now... basically what you are saying is that if two images are the same size on any screen of any resolution (obviously barring a smaller resolution than the image in question). AKG is saying yes but only if you are using 360p, 480p etc.
No, if you replace every pixel with 4, it will not look fuzzy, it will look the same.

Edit to reply to your edit:

I'm not saying the two images can be the same size on screens of any resolution - it only works in multiples, but it works for any image if your screens are multiples of each other. (Like the 2880x1800 vs 1440x900 on the MBP.)

Any image you view on the MBP is going to look exactly the same as on a 1440x900 screen - you won't even be able to view images larger than 1440x900 without scrolling.

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