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Originally Posted by SneakySnake View Post
I guess it's a miracle how phone's do it then. Look at iPhone apps that were designed for 480x320 resolution (the iPhone 3GS). When you display the same app on the iPhone 4, it looks identical. There no fussiness or anything your describing.
That's is because on a 3.5inch screen it is very difficult to tell the difference. If you pull out an iPad it looks like garbage and it uses basically the same OS. Move that up to a 13 inch lappy and it will be even worse.

Originally Posted by Mars View Post
Yes, the images will look the same. If you scale using any of the scaling options other than 1440x900, then they'll look fuzzy, because there's interpolation happening, but turning every 1 green dot to 4 green dots results in no fuzziness.

Mixing dpi into this doesn't make sense, it's only relevant in the context of screen size or printing. The dpi onscreen is a simple result of the resolution and screen size. Lossiness also is irrelevant in this context, lossy and lossless images behave exactly the same with respect to scaling.

I know you can't add resolution to raster images, as I've mentioned in every post in this thread, which is why they'll look exactly the same as a 1440x900 screen, rather than better, as UI elements and text will.
Turning 1 green pixel into 4 green pixels essentially makes your 4 green pixels 1 pixel and it will look the same as a normal screen of the same size just using 1 pixel anyways.

Originally Posted by geoc View Post
Whenever Apple sets the bar, the industry plays catch-up. Eventually, whatever Apple releases will become the norm of all laptops, they set a new bar again. Rinse and repeat. What's there to complain about (other than the price)?

Mind you, a disproportionately large amount of users in the world don't need all the computing power that they have. Most users in the world who is 'facebooks' exclusively can get by with a Pentium 3, but does that mean we should only sell pentium 3 laptops? Technological progress pushes practical boundaries and that's how we get to where we are today.

I guess haters will always been around, but it's nice to have a industry leader that is consistently giving the whole mobile computing industry a boot in the ass from time to time to keep them from going the way of RIM.

Apple = rustlin' jimmies
The only thing apple has set the bar on is screen resolution which we are currently arguing makes no sense. Apple really isn't innovating very much, they are just taking other peoples tech and putting it into a laptop the same as any other OEM. They take the same parts as other people and just charge more and offer above average customer service.

P.S I really hope apple hasn't "set the bar" with ram sticks being soldered onto the logic board otherwise i will be super pissed. I guess they really want you to pay them $100 for that 2gb ram upgrade so you can't do your own for $20.

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