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Originally Posted by AkG View Post

OK one last time.

The images will NOT look the same. YES they will be the same bloody "size" on the screen. BUT the upscalled one will have ONE QUARTER THE DPI / RESOLUTION. Upscalling means what was once 1 blue dot is now 4 blue dots. 1 green...4....1 red....4. It. Will. Be. Fuzzy.

Most jpgs on the net are at best 300dpi resolution. Lets make it easy and say the beaver logo is at 320dpi at 480p res. Up-scalling it will net a four times the size image but by doing so will net the equivalent of 80 dots per inch. Lossy compression means you cant just add in the "missing" details. The OS will guess...but it will be a guess. Dot size matters with images.

Once again. Either the images will look worse than they would on a normal screen OR they will be smaller. Thats. The. Only. Two. Possible. Outcomes. As. There. Is. No. Magical. Device. That. Adds. Resolution. To. Lossey. Images.
Yes, the images will look the same. If you scale using any of the scaling options other than 1440x900, then they'll look fuzzy, because there's interpolation happening, but turning every 1 green dot to 4 green dots results in no fuzziness.

Mixing dpi into this doesn't make sense, it's only relevant in the context of screen size or printing. The dpi onscreen is a simple result of the resolution and screen size. Lossiness also is irrelevant in this context, lossy and lossless images behave exactly the same with respect to scaling.

I know you can't add resolution to raster images, as I've mentioned in every post in this thread, which is why they'll look exactly the same as a 1440x900 screen, rather than better, as UI elements and text will.

Look, here is an screengrab of Final Fantasy 6 for Gameboy Advance, scaled up by 2 (unscaled here):

No fuzziness at all. Now, if you put this image on a 2.9 inch 480x320 screen, it's going to look exactly the same as the unscaled image on the GBA's actual 2.9 inch 240x160 screen.

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