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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
necessary feature? No, not even close.
In smartphones like I was talking about? Retina screens are definitely a necessary feature. No one in their right mind would get a phone that didn't have one. Look at all the major smartphones. iPhone 4S, Galaxy SIII, HTC One X, Galaxy Nexus, etc. they all have retina screens...

Originally Posted by AkG View Post

OK one last time.

The images will NOT look the same. YES they will be the same bloody "size" on the screen. BUT the upscalled one will have ONE QUARTER THE DPI / RESOLUTION. Upscalling means what was once 1 blue dot is now 4 blue dots. 1 green...4....1 red....4. It. Will. Be. Fuzzy.

Most jpgs on the net are at best 300dpi resolution. Lets make it easy and say the beaver logo is at 320dpi at 480p res. Up-scalling it will net a four times the size image but by doing so will net the equivalent of 80 dots per inch. Lossy compression means you cant just add in the "missing" details. The OS will guess...but it will be a guess. Dot size matters with images.

Once again. Either the images will look worse than they would on a normal screen OR they will be smaller. Thats. The. Only. Two. Possible. Outcomes. As. There. Is. No. Magical. Device. That. Adds. Resolution. To. Lossey. Images.
I guess it's a miracle how phone's do it then. Look at iPhone apps that were designed for 480x320 resolution (the iPhone 3GS). When you display the same app on the iPhone 4, it looks identical. There no fussiness or anything your describing.

Also, I use my iPad 3 with HiDPI mode (makes everything crisper, not smaller) as an external display for my computer, and there is nothing that you are describing.

Originally Posted by Soullessone21 View Post
Enough of my joking hatred aside I got my demo MBP on the way for tomorrow but after looking over specs and talking with my Buddy Brandon(Apple OSX Division) We came to some conclusions with the new MBP's Retina Edition.

Price is a joke its insane for the features you get.
650 is not enough raw balls for the high resolution
The Ram is soldered to the board and the Flash HDD is going to fail and fail fast
The ram is the same ram we had a big issue with before as it would fail and we would swap a stick... now its stuck to the board so you need a whole new logic board if your ram fails.

The screen looks ******* amazing on photos and on 1080p games very clear.
The thin design is nice but it puts off lots of heat when we push the system at all.
USB 3.0 very nice as its about time haha
the CPU is awesome there is nothing bad to say about the CPU
The Boot time is fast and the drive makes no heat (its flash)

Final Thought
You will get that from me in 3 months, why 3 months? cuz I find that most new macs start having issues either out of the box or at 3 month intervals, 3 6 9 12 months are the times we get lots in.
Have you confirmed that the flash is the same though. Read on MacRumors I think that the new air is using 500 MBps flash, so that would imply apple switched out their flash chips for better, newer ones.

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